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Think about One Thing That's Good

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Everyone Has Something Good 

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However, to help get through your anger, that’s exactly what you need to do. Look for or remember one thing that is good about your spouse. When angry, it can be very hard to find anything that’s good, but there are good things or you wouldn’t have married the person. Focus on that one thing. Keep focusing on that and don’t let up.  

Has the situation changed? No, but your own attitude will soften and change so that you can more easily decide how to approach what it is that’s making you so angry. When people are in the midst of being angry, they often do things that are rash and don’t make the best judgments. Getting through your anger will help you know how to deal with things.

What do you do to think objectively when you are spitefully irritated at your spouse? Maybe you never get that way???

~ Glenda (gj) 


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