365 Days of Fun in Marriage

No more boring marriage! Try 365 for communication and ideas to add fun to everyday life.

Read a Book


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Have Your Own Book Club



Find a book you’d both like to read and either buy two copies or get two copies from the library.

Read it at the same time and discuss your thoughts about the book.

For many current books, you can find author interviews on the Internet along with discussion questions relating to the book and how it’s written.

Have you and your spouse ever talked about books you are reading near the same time? Do you think you could find a book you’d both like? You can comment below.

~Glenda (gj)

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    Do you have a boring, dull, ho-hum marriage, or a FUN marriage? 365 has ways to add fun into your marriage. Some ways are simple; some are outlandish; some are easy, some are . . . well, check it out.