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You Can't Make Another Person Happy

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Happiness and Fulfillment Is Your Own Job for Yourself 

When you are in those first stages of love, you’d vehemently deny these statements. It seems that the love of your love is all you’ll ever need.  

Yet, after a while you notice that your partner doesn’t always make you happy or fulfill your every need; maybe it’s when you each are wanting to do something completely different and neither wants to budge. Differences are what make life.  

It’s exhilarating to have a love mate that seems to makes us happy and fulfill all our needs even after years and years of marriage. So, how does this happen when it seems to be a contradiction of the statements we started with? It’s because each person in the marriage knows that you still maintain your individuality, your wants, your dreams, your desires and learn how to meld those together without becoming a shell of a person with no integrity of your own. Plus, no one wants to be married to a marionette. And no one can maintain happiness if they have to do all the bending and changing. Both people have to learn to change together—not necessarily in the same way but in a way that works well with each other.   

By each staying true to self, the individual becomes a bigger, better, richer, fuller person united as couple.

Do you believe that you should stay as individuals in a marriage? You can comment below.

~ Glenda (gj)  

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