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Perfume Your Hair

  • Tip # 151

Don’t Let Your Perfume Announces Your Entry

Don’t you hate being around people who enter the room ten minutes before they physically arrive? OK, that’s exaggeration, but hopefully you get the point. If people standing a few feet from you, comment about the scent you are wearing, either you are wearing too much or the perfume is too strong and needs to be trashed.  

Perfume is pleasing, fragrant, appealing, and can be sensual.  

Or, . . . if not worn properly, it’s horrible to everyone around. Perfume seems to be one of those things that the perfume wearer is the only person who does not realize he/she is offending everyone within 100 foot radius.  

Go lightly with the scents. You don’t want the scent you are wearing to announce your presence. And, don’t always be locked into the same scents you’ve worn the past 100 years. Scents get dated. Ask younger people about a particular scent and they’ll often react with, “Oh, sure, I’ve smelled that. It always smells like something old people  wear.” You probably don’t want to be labeled like that. I’m old, but I don’t want to be labeled old.  

For something different, on freshly washed hair dab your perfume on the palms of your hands and run them through your mostly dry hair. I’ve heard of putting a little perfume on the intake of your blow dryer and the scent will permeate your hair—but this is something I’ve never tried, so try this at your own peril.  The only “must” on perfumed hair is that it must be freshly washed or else the scent will react with the oils in your hair. Don’t put scent on your brush or comb. The scent lasts longer on your hair, and it’s enjoyable to have someone lean over and unexpectedly get a pleasant whiff from your hair.

Have you ever worn perfume in your hair? What was the reaction?

~ Glenda (gj)

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