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Marriage Is What You Make It to Be

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Don’t Try to Live in Fairytale Land

I’m not saying to set your expectations low. Not at all!  

Marriage is not bliss 365 days of the year. Nothing is bliss 365 days of the year. Eating chocolate every day of the year, year after year, might seem like bliss, but we all know the penalties that would soon happen if we are indulging in something that seems like only bliss at the moment.   

Within your marriage is commitments to jobs, relatives, friends, church, and activities. Sometimes bad things happen completely out of your control which take almost all your focus—an illness, job loss, an accident. Through all our dealings, the marriage sometimes gets roughed up a bit due to neglect. It happens to everyone.  

During those times of intense focus on earning money for mortgages, doing the best you can to be good parents, establishing yourselves in careers, don’t try to make your life a huge fairytale.  

Grab moments when you can. Do what you can not to schedule things during family times and meal times. Make it intentional to have regular family time even if it’s for a few minutes of focused time each day.  

Early marriage and child-rearing days are some of the most stressing times for marriage—partly because there’s so little time to meet all the things you want to do or need to do. Times are less than admirable for creating romantic environments and quiet times. Don’t fight the situation which will only bring on more stress. Accept that this is how life is for a while. This is the time that it’s most important to mentally focus on one another though you may be enmeshed in other activities.  

These intense times don’t last forever because activities, focus, and lifestyles change throughout the years.   

It may very well be just the two of you again after the kids are grown and have their own families. It’s biblical for children to grow and leave their parents. If you haven’t focused during the intense times that it’s “just the two of you forever” then when it is back to “just the two of you” there won’t be anything to celebrate or enjoy in each other’s company. You’ll be complete strangers living in the same environment. You’ll be living together, but you won’t have the passion left to relish being with one another. 

So how do you make sure you don’t become strangers?  

It’s small and subtle things you need to do to stay emotionally connected but are paramount to having a long-lasting, passionate, fun relationship.

  • Aim for having fun with the kids as an entire family together several times each week.
  • Force yourselves to go out once in a while without the kids, and try to talk about things other than the kids.Mentally focus on how much you enjoy your mate.
  • When looking at your mate’s face, tell yourself how much you love your mate and will relish the time when you can spend more time enjoying each other’s company.
  • Make sure your spouse knows that you are there to lean on for mental, physical, and spiritual support any time your spouse needs it.

What techniques have you used to stay in love during hectic times and there seems no time for loving each other? You can tell us below.

~ Glenda (gj)  

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