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Watching Your Diet


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It’s What You Do That Counts, Not What You Talk About  

If you are counting calories, carbs, WW points, fats, triglycerides, sugars, fiber, cholesterol, salt, saturated fat versus non-saturated fat, corn syrup versus real sugar or fructose, organic versus mass-market grown with volumes of pesticides and herbicides, free-range versus cooped-up-in-cages, brown versus white, whole grain versus whole wheat or white, soy versus cows, processed versus fresh, canned or frozen, nitrates versus none (did I miss anything?), then keep your mouth shut about it at meal time! Meal time is meant to be enjoyed with someone else’s company. Mealtime is for sharing and conversation—not vilifying every food label and tiny print on boxes and juice cans or for discussion the latest e-coli or salmonella article.  

If you must constantly discuss your eating habits, do it at another time. Leave meal time for enjoyment. You might not realize this, but people do wear out in hearing about every label or food particle ingredient dissected at meal time.  

If it’s too hard for you not to bring up your food analyzations while dining with someone, then take note cards to the table of subjects you can discuss.

How do you feel when eating with someone who continually talks about the non-merits or merits of food? Do you ever get tired of hearing about it? You can tell us below.

~ Glenda (gj)  

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