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Work At It

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Work, Work, Work–It Never Ends


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However, it doesn’t take much work or energy to fall in love or get married. You can walk in front of a justice of the peace and get married—no planning, no work, no stress.

But, staying married? Staying in loving with each other? Those take work and a high EQ.

What’s EQ? EQ is your energy quotient. How do you get it? It’s your physical energy, emotional energy, and spiritual energy all rolled into one and how you apply it.

When you are facing problems, don’t jump to the conclusion that “you just don’t love each other any more.” All marriage roads are bumpy. Don’t immediately look for the easy route.  

Examine your own self and your own attitudes. Are you relying on everything to play out like a wonderful fairytale or are you pulling in all the strength of your EQ to make things work? To make loving, fun marriage takes a lot of work and EQ.

Do you feel if you are in love that marriage should take work? You can comment below.

~ Glenda (gj)  

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