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Clean or Dirty?    

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Have you ever taken a glass from your dishwasher, poured yourself a nice cold drink, and find out an hour later the dishes in the dishwasher hadn’t been washed? Yuk! 

When we load our dishwasher, the dishes have been rinsed of all the loose food, so it’s easy to mistake a dirty dish for a clean one—it looks clean; it just hasn’t actually been washed with soap and water.  

After some “general discussions” a few times between us, we came up with the system of colored magnets on the dishwasher to signify clean or dirty. We use round, solid colored magnets to keep notes on the side of the refrigerator,  so we put two of those colors to use for our dishwasher.   

The white magnet goes on the side of the dishwasher door if the dishes have been run through the wash cycle. The red magnet goes on the side of the door if the dishes are loaded but have not been washed. 

Simple? Absolutely! And, it does save our discussions for more important things. No more nagging or complaining about clean or dirty dishes.

How have you solved some of the day-to-day irritations in your marriage. Tell us in the comment section below.

~ Glenda (gj)  

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