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Would You Like a Free Starbuck's Giftcard?

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Try It, You Might Like It

Yesterday (September 14), I posted some photos of something Jack is doing.

I’m not telling–you have to guess what he’s doing. Don’t worry, it’s nothing illegal–just seems like it looks a little nefarious.

Sssshhhhhh. If you know, don’t say it out loud. I want people to guess what he’s doing.

What’s the point? It’s a bribe. I need something from you.

No, second thought, we’ll call it a contest, because that’s actually what it is.

I have 3 blogs. I need people to sign up for one or two of my blogs. If you don’t want the blogs after you sign up, if you don’t like them (sniff, sniff), you can simply unsubscribe. There is NO SPAM.

I also have 15 Starbucks cards to give away, and I’m using these as a bribe–I mean, contest–to get people to sign up for the blogs. If you ask friends (maybe not your enemies) to sign up for one of my blogs, they get a chance at the Starbucks cards, plus it gives you more chances for the gift cards.

Why am I doing this? In working on my old blog recently, I lost all the addresses that had signed up for it. The 365 blog is new, and I’ve never promoted it to anyone so there are no subscribers on it.

Here’s the rules to try for the Starbucks cards (10 cards worth $10.00 each and 5 cards worth $15.00 each):

  1. visit www.365DaysOfFunInMarriage.com (which is at the right of the screen you are now reading!) sign up, and you’ll get one entry for a $10.00 Starbuck’s card or
  2. visit www.WhatWordsDoYouWear.com, sign-up, and you’ll get one entry for a $10.00 Starbuck’s card  (sign up for both and you get two entries in the drawing for gift cards)
  3. unfortunately my 3rd blog doesn’t count towards the Starbuck’s card contest but if you want to sign up, that’s great–you probably have to like cats to want to read it though
  4. if you send notices to friends to sign up for one or both of the two blogs, and send me the list of names and email address, you will get one more entry for every name you suggest who then signs up for one of my blogs. I can not contact names you send me (unless they sign up for themselves) because that would be spam. I only ask for the names/email addresses so that I can verify who signed up against who suggested the name. 
  5. and, if you guess correctly what Jack is doing in the photos from yesterday (not in detail but in general what is he doing), then you get one entry for the $15.00 Starbucks cards.
  6. To send me your list of names (from #4), either use an email address you already have on file for me, or you can send it to glenda@funinmarriage.com.

This runs from September 15 through midnight (Pacific time zone) September 30. I’ll draw on October 1 and notify everyone by email. I will then get the physical addresses of the winners because I will be snail mailing your cards to you.  It’s possible that some people may win more than one card because some may have entered in several ways for the drawings.

Maybe you can join me sometime for a Caramel, Mocha Frappucino Light, only half the mocha, and no toppings. Of course, you may have some other favorite hot or cold beverage, but now you know what my favorite cold coffee beverage is when I’m at Starbucks. What’s Jack’s favorite? He usually says, “Just order me something.”

I almost forgot. So what’s the tip for today? Enter some contests which won’t just get your names on spam lists. Winning can be a lot of fun! I’ve won a trip to the Academy Awards with dinner in the actor’s cafeteria, a radio, a dinner-movie- and overnight at a hotel, AND our honeymoon–oh, and some TV trays that I really didn’t want! Believe it or not, I almost never enter contests! Spooky, I know.

(Do you have a favorite coffee drink? Don’t forget to sign up for a chance at the gift cards. You have until midnight, September 30, Pacific Daylight Time to sign up.)

~ Glenda  

Mentioning some legal stuff: we are in no way affiliated with Starbucks. We are simply occasional consumers of their beverages and treats. I purchased these gift cards at full price as a retail consumer.

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6 Comments to

“Would You Like a Free Starbuck's Giftcard?”

  1. Avatar September 15th, 2010 at 10:14 pm Marcia Says:

    Thanks. I signed up for both. I would love to join you for a Caramel, Mocha Frappucino Light, but I’d need to hold the coffee. I can’t stand coffee. I went to a local coffee shop this morning and had a steamer.

  2. Avatar September 15th, 2010 at 10:43 pm Glenda (and Jack) Says:

    Oh, dear. We’re going to have to meet somewhere between your place and mine (I realize it’s maybe 700 miles to meet in the middle) but we’re going to have to work on your coffee aversion. I use coffee in a lot of my chocolate receipes for baking. Maybe I should send you some cookies just to see if you like them????

  3. Avatar September 15th, 2010 at 10:18 pm Marcia Says:

    Me again. Here’s my guess of what Jack is doing: making licorice liqueur. (Here’s a recipe, if you’re curious: http://licoricelover.blogspot.com/2009/12/licorice-liqueur-recipe-licorice-root.html)

  4. Avatar September 15th, 2010 at 10:44 pm Glenda (and Jack) Says:

    We’ll have to wait and see.

  5. Avatar September 16th, 2010 at 7:11 am kathy simons Says:

    I think Jack is making a flavored oil for cooking. :) At least, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt!

  6. Avatar September 16th, 2010 at 9:16 am Glenda (and Jack) Says:

    Sounds like you know Jack too well to say “at least we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.” I’ll let you know for sure on October 1.

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