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Mind Reading

  • Tip # 136

If You Loved Me, You’d Know What I Want

We hadn’t been married too many years when one Sunday we were listening to a sermon on women expecting men to read their minds. (Surely men must do this at least once in a while—I hope we aren’t the only ones who do this.)

Even conjoined twins have separate likes and dislikes and can’t read each other’s minds.

Yet, married couples often assume because they love each other, their spouse should know exactly what the other person wants. We become as one in marriage, but we are still separate human beings.

Don’t insist your spouse be able to read your mind. Your spouse can’t—no matter how long you’ve been married. Strong intuition may seem like your spouse can read your mind at times, but it’s still not the same thing.

Play fair. Tell your spouse what you want.

(Have you ever expected your spouse to know what you are thinking? You can comment below.)


~ Glenda  

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