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Unusual Fantasies

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Do Some Weird Things in Your Marriage    


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Don’t be intimated to try new things. In today’s world there are books, articles, online publications, videos to teach you new skills, search engines to help you find anything for which you might be looking. You are only limited by your own imagination in what you attempt to do. Ask your friends what strange or unusual things they do.  

Jack likes to take everything to the extreme so we have to take that into consideration before we attempt anything new. However, we’re both a little adventuresome in things we like to try.

 One of our passions is that we love to cook. Well, for the most part, Jack likes to make suggestions of things to make, or he helps me on cooking/baking ideas I want to try.  

Because we’ve made homemade noodles a lot, we’d both had an intense desire to have one of those noodle makers they sell in kitchen shops. (It’s actually a pasta cutter, but we call it a noodle maker.) However, back in our early marriage days the price seemed unwarranted when a knife from your own kitchen worked perfectly well to cut rolled out noodle dough. Plus, we had no idea how to use one and didn’t want to spend the money if they weren’t user friendly.

After talking about it several years and looking at them every time we went into kitchen shops, we finally bought a pasta cutter.  

The first several times we used it, I could NOT get Jack to let me trim the noodles when they came out of the machine. So, we had to put dowel rods on the backs of two high-backed, dining chairs and draped the noodles to dry over those dowel rods. Considering these chair backs were about shoulder height (but I’m short), I’m guessing the dowel rods were a little over four feet off the ground. The noodles draped over each rod and almost touched the floor—what’s that make? About an 8 foot long noodle! Many, many, many of them. . . . Not sure what Jack was imagining that we were going to do with these.  

After a few hours they were dry so we lifted each noodle individually–all 8 foot of it, then popped it into shorter pieces—we certainly had no way of storing 8 foot long, dried noodles. Wow, they were still scrumptious as always with plenty to last for several months.  

What’s also interesting about this pasta maker is that we bought ours over 30 years ago, but they are still listed for about the same price they were 30 years ago and don’t seem to have changed at all.  

Oh, and they are super easy to use–now, clean up on the machine? Not so easy to get all the flour out, but the machine is easy to use and well worth it. We’ve never regretted we were brave enough to buy one.

(What fun/weird things do you and your spouse do that is unusual from the norm? You can comment below.)  

~ Glenda  (gj)  



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