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Plagarism in a Good Way

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So, the Words Aren’t Original   

Don’t get me wrong. In no way am I suggesting plagarism is all right under any circumstances, but what we’re suggesting isn’t exactly plagarism.      

from Clipart.com

One day while at work, Jack and the guys were talking about wives, and the guys were trying to think of ways to be romantic. Jack’s a master at remembering poetry and song lyrics. He said, “Tell her, ‘Think of things . . . Like a walk in the park. Things . . . Like a kiss in the dark. Things . . . Like a sailboat ride.'” * 

The guys said, “Wow, you’re good” and wrote it down to tell their wives.  

Of course, he didn’t mention that the words were from a song back from many years ago. He just let the guys think he’d thought up those words himself–shame on him.  

So, if you’re trying to think of romantic or thoughtful sentiments to tell your wife (or husband), “borrow” from song lyrics or poetry if you’re can’t come up with words of your own. Sure, it would be nice if you wrote where it was from, but when it’s only a card to your wife (or husband), I think you can get by with “borrowing” the words.  

However, don’t worry that your own words are inadequate; it’s not the way the words connect, but the idea that you put them together that adds meaning.  

* I can’t remember who sang the song first, but it was called Things. I know Dean Martin and Nancy Sinatra sang it. There were many other recordings but two of them were by Bobby Darin and Johnny Tillotson.  

(Where do you come up with ideas for romantic sayings? You can comment below.)  

~ Glenda (gj)  

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