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Passionate Piano

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The Fervor of the Music Entices Listening Again and Again

We were at San Diego’s Seaport Village on Harbor Drive a few years ago. That’s one of the places we love to go in San Diego to sit, prowl, shop, look, listen to live musicians playing in the summers, have coffee, have dinner, watch the boats (often there’s a sail boat regatta)—I think you get the visual imagery. And for us, it’s a paradise to get away from our summer desert heat. 

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Jack was sitting at the water’s edge looking at the rigging of one of the boats while I was in one of the shops. All of a sudden I became enthralled with the music playing. I started focusing on the sound instead of anything in the store. I hated to break the reverie of the music, but I finally asked, “What music is this?”

The store owner said, “That’s Giovanni. He lives at Del Mar. We have some of his CD’s for sale here in the store.”

I was especially intrigued to find out more because we love Del Mar which is up the coast only a little ways from San Diego.  I bought a couple of the CD’s then went to tell Jack about the most exquisite music I’d just heard.

We played the CD’s when we got back to our hotel. I’m not a musician so I can’t speak adequately about the music or in the proper terminology but the intensity of the playing, especially on the pieces which Giovanni has written puts a spell on your whole being which compels you to want to hear more. I never tire of listening over and over.

Since that time, we’ve ordered many of Giovanni’s CD’s and also ordered the DVD he made for a PBS special of one of his performances at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

It’s my recommendation you check out his music at http://www.giovanni.com/. By the way, my very favorite of the CD’s we have is Passionate Piano.

We always love to see people who can create—that’s why we love arts festivals. When you listen to Giovanni, it’s as if you can hear the passion with which he creates his music.

And, he’s playing in Vegas this month; we might need to take a trip to Vegas.

We all have different tastes in music, but find one that you and your spouse can truly enjoy together.

(Music is the universal language. Do you have music you love to listen to over and over?)

~ Glenda (gj)

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