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Develop a Playful Attitude

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I Wouldn’t Say THAT in Public

Create a spirit of fun in your relationship by having a playful attitude. Learn how to tease if you don’t know how. I say “learn” because teasing can hurt another person’s feelings very easily. You can’t tease about any area that your spouse is sensitive. Tease about safe things–but only you can know what you can say in your relationship.

Jack and I tease when we’re alone by saying things completely out of character or the opposite of something the person would do. When alone, we joke in a way that seems almost more like junior high kids would do. We constantly are doing plays on words in our conversations. We’ll talk about having withdrawal and are having shakes because we need a “fix.” We both know that means we need our time of sitting on the beach and staring at the ocean, usually in San Diego.


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If Jack is a couple of minutes longer than I thought he was going to be, I’ll sarcastically say, “Well did you have a good time while at the office?” “The Office” is a bar here in our town that we constantly joke about because we both think it’s such a great name for a bar–and it’s somewhere that Jack never goes to.

Neither one of us can stand eggs that are the slightest bit runny or soft. So, a lot of times one of us will fix the eggs, set them on the table and say, “just like you like them sunny-side up with little chick’s still peeping in the middle.”

There’s a uniqueness between all husbands and wives that you have to look for to find those silly areas that are fun but not demeaning and not intimidating.

Loosen up. Lighten up. Don’t always be so serious. However, it’s usually best to keep this behavior for when it’s just the two of you in your own home.

(Do you joke or jest in your marriage? How do you tease each other? You can comment below.)

~ Glenda (gj)



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