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Enjoy the Fall Weather

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Cool Nights and Clear Skies  

Fall has always been one of our favorite seasons. I remember taking a poll years ago when I was state chairman for an  organization. On the poll was the question, “which is your favorite season of the year?” Nearly 3/4 of the respondents said fall.     


A tradition that we started after moving to the desert (21 years ago) was to set out the chaise-type lawn chairs when the evenings have turned just a little too cool than is comfortable. For us, that’s usually in October, but for most people that time of the year comes a little earlier.   

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For us it also means cool nights. Living in the desert is different than anything we’d experienced and for us, we weren’t used to the nights of July and August which don’t cool down.  

We make a thermos of hot tea or hot cocoa and take heavy blankets to our lawn chairs. We set the chairs up in the yard where the sky is uninterrupted except for a few palm fronds. It’s one of the most relaxing things we look forward to doing each year. It’s wonderful for star-gazing, falling asleep, and for conversation. Each evening is usually different.    

Don’t have the time? If we don’t have the time, we skip making the hot drink, and only stay out for 10 minutes. It’s an unbelievably great way to unwind from a busy day.   

   Please leave a comment to tell us what your favorite way of relaxing is–or your favorite season.  

~ Glenda (gj)  


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