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Where to Buy Coffee

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Shop Around for What You Like       

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At the beginning of our quest to find the best coffee, we joined an online coffee club to try different types. We soon discovered whether we liked bold, rich, fruity, acidic, light acidic, medium roast, light roast, and the choices seem to be infinite. By buying small quantities we were able to narrow down what we look for in coffee. Everyone’s taste is different so you can’t say what’s the absolute best coffee. If it has the features you are looking for, (and the coffee beans are fresh) then that’s the best coffee for you. 

There are many Internet sites to learn more about coffee. One is a coffee review site at    

We haven’t looked at this much but plan to investigate it more.   

The places from which we’ve ordered coffee (whether ground or in beans) are   

We had been ordering quite a bit from Don Francisco  http://www.don-francisco.com/. However, on my last two large orders from them (the last order was in the spring), we were dissatisfied because the beans were not fresh. Coffee is pricier to buy this way, and to receive less than fresh beans is unacceptable. I only order during our cool months (we live in the desert) because I don’t want to risk ruining something in delivery. So, the desert heat can’t be blamed for these last two orders I made.   

We make a ritual of sharing our time with coffee in the mornings. Unless it’s in mid-summer, we usually have our morning coffee on the patio. It’s a nice way to start the day and makes things seem more relaxed before the grind of the day (no pun intended).   

I’m always making this suggestion, but there’s so much truth to it. With busy lives and active families, you have to hunt for little ways to focus on each other and share your thoughts–or maybe silence if it’s too early in the morning.    

What’s your idea about coffee? Please leave a comment. Is it something simply to douse yourself with caffeine or something to savor?   

  ~ Glenda (gj)   

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