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Good Coffee

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Yes, Make That a Good Cup of Coffee, Please 

Let’s see. How can I start this without sounding like a snob. 

Maybe I should just admit it. Our daughter does call us coffee snobs (all in fun–I think). Yes, it’s true. Oh, how hurtful that is–but we aren’t willing to change. We’ll just have to let her call us coffee snobs–but she always likes our coffee when she’s at our house—even though she does add a half cup milk, some spoonfuls of sugar-free English-Toffee coffee syrup, oh, and leaves a tablespoon of coffee in the mug!   


I tried adding more coffee, less coffee, brewing longer, timing perfectly, different pots, different brewing methods: glass stove-top carafe, pumping percolator, automatic drip maker, French Press, French Drip, old aluminum pot on the stove, camp-fire style. Nada. That’s when I discovered it was the coffee that made good coffee. Wow, what a revelation. 

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But, what of it? We’re addicts to good coffee. Way more years ago than I can remember, we kept trying to make good coffee. Every once in a while we’d be in a restaurant that served outstanding coffee–and we’d go home and try to replicate that perfect cup of coffee. No luck. 

When we discovered it was the coffee and not our ineptitude, we really delved into the research and looking with a passion for where and how to come up with the best coffee. We started buying small amounts of different beans to try. We tried different roasts, different flavors, different types of beans, and beans from different countries. 

We’re still trying different beans but so far, some of our favorites are from Guatemala, Brazilian Santos, Jamaican, and Blue Mountain from Jamaica, and Tanzanian Peaberry. 

For a time we liked some of the flavored coffees, but I think we both sort of burned our taste buds out on most of them. 

We thought seriously many times about roasting our own beans. We almost did several times, but the more I read on it and how tricky it is, we decided to leave that to the experts. Plus, I’d read it really smells bad to roast coffee beans—no, that’s not completely true. What I read in several places that it downright stinks and you better not have any close neighbors if you try it.  

If you truly enjoy something like coffee or tea or cocoa or something else so simple in everyday life, look to delve into it more and make it into a truly fun activity or hobby that you both share. 

    Please leave a comment about what you like to do. Are you as nuts as we are about a good cup of coffee? 


~ Glenda (gj) 


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