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Record a CD


Tip # 121 


What? You Don’t Sing?

OK, I’m not talking about making a musical recording. Oh, my. If I made a singing recording, all the trash in the landfill would scoot aside to get away from wherever the cd was thrown. No, I’m not talking about singing—unless you might be a good singer?  Now, that would be special.


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Back to reality though for most of us. On some special evening that you “have plans” and know those plans won’t be interrupted, leave a cd in your spouse’s car with a little red bow tied around it or maybe a red rose taped to it. Oh, shoot, even some red heart stickers all over it would be a sign that it needs to be listened it.

In your most appealing voice that you can muster, talk about your plans for the evening. Maybe set a time and a place and maybe talk about what will take place.  

Your spouse will see it when getting into the car for work and will surely have the foresight to put it into the cd player to listen to on the way to work. Or, if possible, sneak it into the car when the spouse is at work so that it will be found on the way home.

Whichever way will work for you will be the best—and certainly be fun, enticing, and something to look forward to.

Don’t know how to make a cd? Most all computers come with software to make a cd. Just speak into your microphone when no one is around–maybe play some music in the background. . . .

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~ Glenda (gj)


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