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Dinner Parties


Tip # 120   

It’s All about Taste—and Togetherness, Simple or Elegant  


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Find two other couples to have dinner with once a month or at least every other month. If it’s impossible for the same three couples to make it each month, have a 4th couple as a reserve when one of the others can’t make it. 

It’s the most inviting if each couple cooks the entire meal when it’s their turn so that new things are always tried. If you focus on the word ‘dinner’ in the party, you can aim to have something completely new each month. It’s OK to try out new recipes for this night (though you might wish you hadn’t.)  

You don’t cook? Cooking is not that hard at all. There are books that make cooking terrifically easy. You don’t have to start with old issues from Bon Appétit magazine. Sometimes the most simple and basic food is best. And you probably don’t want to pair couples together who completely out rank each other in the cooking department—it might lead to hurt feelings.  

If all three couples want to decide a year at a time what each will serve, it gives you plenty of time to learn to make the dishes when it’s your turn.   

It’s especially appealing to go all the way and serve different dinnerware depending on the season of the year (from china to an outdoor dinner with plastic), after dinner coffee, and dessert of something very rich or as simple as fruit.  

If you have young teenage children, you can pay them to be your servers for the evening.  

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~ Glenda (gj) 

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