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Plan a World-Wide Tour Together


Tip # 119 


If You Love to Travel    


But, really. Travel is just a tad pricey. You can hardly go anywhere in your own town without it costing money, let alone experience world travel.  

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Yes, there’s nothing like discovering new places and sharing new adventures. It makes the wonder of new surroundings so much more enjoyable when you can benefit from it as a couple, talk about it, and have those shared memories together.  

If you like travel, start keeping tabs on the what’s showing on the Travel Channel. Find the programs that best suit what you are interested in as a couple. Maybe buy some books on those areas or send for travel and relocation information for those areas. There used to be an online site to buy used books, but the one I’m familiar with seems to have become a brick and mortar store. Check out your local used books stores or your library. Research the areas on the Internet. Make it feel like you’ve really been there.  

Then, one day maybe finances will actually allow you to go to some of these places you’ve dreamed of. You’ll feel almost like seasoned travelers to the area because you’ll be so much more familiar than just booking a tour and going.   

No, it’s not the same as actually going on the tour in person, but you know what? You do the best you can at every stage of marriage. You don’t wait until later or perfect timing or perfect whatever to have fun. You do it now!   

   (Do you travel the world? We’d love to hear your story!)   

 ~ Glenda (gj)  


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