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Serving a Favorite Dessert


Tip # 118


“Have a Piece of Cheesecake on Me”

from Clipart.com

If your marriage is one that thrives on a little shock value once in a while, surprise your spouse by serving his or her favorite dessert. Most people’s stomachs can always make room for dessert.

You have to know within a few minutes of when your mate will be home so that you can have the dessert ready at the last-minute.

Timing is important—you don’t want to get too chilled. Oh, and it is crucial that you know your spouse will be alone.  

When your spouse walks through the door, there’s the dessert plate languishing on your midriff.

This might be your mate’s favorite dessert: a little spicy, something different, and definitely memorable.

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 ~ Glenda (gj) 

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