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Road Trips Together


Tip # 113 


Don’t Be Afraid of Long Boring Drives 

Guess what? They are only boring, if you choose to make them boring!    
However, for in the car, take some question cards from games such as Trivial Pursuit, Bible Trivia, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader, or other games that revolve around questions. No, you don’t actually play the game while driving, but whoever is the passenger asks questions of the driver.  

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You don’t like to ride very far without walking around and moving a bit? You get all stiff and can’t move? Then, stop the car and walk around. Investigate the landscape or out-of-the-way places along the road. Read some of those highway memorial road signs that say blah, blah, blah happened here way before you were born. 

If the cards are printed in such a way that the questioner can’t readily see the answers, then take turns answering the questions and keep tally of who gets the most correct answers. The winner gets to buy the loser an ice cream at the next stop—or vice versa on who buys. 

Learn to appreciate the scenery. Oops. I forgot. Sometimes the scenery really can get boring! There are a few drives that simply don’t seem to have any nature to appreciate—it’s the same terrain for miles on end of seemingly nothingness. In those cases, bring out the cards.  

Oh, it’s at night? Well, that’s why they make those miniature flashlights.  

         (Do you like to take road trips together? We’d love to hear your story! Everyone has a story.)  

~ Glenda (gj) 


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