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Blowing Bubbles


Tip # 112

No, This Doesn’t Relate to Losing My Mind in Yesterday’s Post.

from Clipart.com


We’ve had a monstrous bubble maker since our daughter was in elementary school, but you can make your own or improvise with things you have: a metal coat hanger shaped in a circle, a hula hoop, giant metal ring of some sort. There are Internet directions for making a bubble wand out of string, but I’ve never tried this so I have no idea if it works. Also, you have to use good quality dish soap in the bubble recipe—cheap stuff doesn’t work for some reason.

I’m including a link to a place you can buy the huge wand and supplies. Plus, National Wildlife Federation has instructions for making both the wand and the soap.

It’s definitely a kid thing to do, but when you reach inside and pull out that inner kid, you and your marriage partner will  have a blast.

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~ Glenda (gj)


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