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Get Rid of Junk



Organize, De-clutter, Pitch It Out 

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Work to get rid of those little, irritating things in life that constantly pop into your mind. (We’re never saying your spouse is that irritation to get rid of!) If there are cluttered areas in your home in which you dig through and can’t find what you’re looking for or have to spend 30 minutes to an hour or even 10 minutes looking for a needed item, those irritations are like cockleburs in your socks. 

 You say, “Nice suggestion, but who on earth has time for anything like that?” The moral of this story is that you are already spending the amount of time needed to do something about the situation every time you waste 10 minutes here, 30 minutes there, an hour or two or three of mental thoughts of angst about it.  

I’d begun to feel my house overpowered me instead of me having control of it. Why is that a bother? It made me grumpy and irritable every time I needed something and had to ransack several piles to find it.  Our house looked clean—that’s not a problem. Surface-wise, it stays clean. But, I have software and conference tapes numbering in the realm of way too high for me to count. I was storing these in 4+ different locations. I didn’t know what I had. 

I had a lot of decor for the house stored in several closets. 

We have enough books (good books, not ones to throw away) to stock a small library. Shoot, a small library is what we have. We can’t get rid of most of the books because we go back and reference something from a book or use it in some way. 

I knew all this was affecting my mood. So, during 5 months in 2009, I started eking out time for me to start going through every cabinet, closet, and cupboard, and garage shelf (the ones where I had things stored) to evaluate the best place and way to store things. I thought I lost my mind in this whole process, but little bit by little bit I began to see progress which enabled me to find bits of my sanity again—bit by bit. 

While “wasting” my time doing all this, I felt my life was passing before my eyes while I was focused on de-cluttering and re-organizing. Several times I thought about quitting. I hated to be using spare tidbits of time in this way, but in the long run, it certainly paid off.  

That was over a year ago, and after I got over the shock of spending important time to do that, I really have been thankful I did it. 

If you have areas in your life that seem cluttered, start doing something about it this week—or next, but do it. Honestly, you’ll be grateful you did and your relationship will thank you immensely. 

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~ Glenda (gj) 





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