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State Fairs


 Tip # 110


Come on Down!  


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Hey, Y’all, buy yourself some boots (or comfy tennis shoes if you’re not the boot sort of person) and plan to go to a state fair this year. Remember when you looked forward to the state fair every year when you were a kid? Our schools always had a Friday during state fair week when schools were closed so all the kids throughout the state could go to the fair—and not miss school!

Roll up your sleeves, and ride the roller coasters, Ferris wheels, or the merry-go-round—better yet, how about bumper cars?

Wander through arm and arm to see all the sites. You must have a corn dog, some of those ham sandwiches, and either cotton candy or a funnel cake.

Three’s always some good entertainers playing nightly, and many times there are rodeos, if you like rodeos. There are carnival events where you can spend tons of money to win a Kewpie Doll you never wanted—but it’s the fun that counts. And, even checking out how people stack green beans and carrots so deftly in jars for home canning really is interesting.

There might even be some pie eating contests.

Honestly, make plans to be a kid again and find a state fair in your area.

Several states including North Dakota, Montana, California and Ohio have already had their state fairs for 2010, but there are still plenty to choose from.

Here’s a smattering of some of the states. You can look up the dates and events for one that’s close to you if your state’s not listed.  

Missouri   August 12 – 22

Iowa   August 12 – 22

Illinois   August 13 – 22

Kentucky  August 19 – 29

Nevada   August 27 – 29

Oregon   August 27 – September 6

Nebraska   August 27 – September 6

Colorado   August 27 – September 6

New Hampshire    September 2 – 6

South Dakota    September 2 – 6

Tennessee    September 10 – 19

New Mexico    September 10 – 25

Virginia    September 23 – October 3

Texas    September 24 – October 17

Oklahoma   September 26 – 26

North Carolina   October 14 – 24

Arizona   October 15 -– November 7

Louisiana    October 21 – November 7

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