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Remember the Good Times


Tip # 109


Take an Afternoon for “Remember When”

Some afternoon or evening when the weather seems to make you want to stay indoors, keep the TV off. Plan for serving fun treats or casual snacks. Talk about the times that were most memorable and why they were memorable. Reminding yourselves of good times helps you try for new memories.  


from Clipart.com

One of the most memorable times both Jack and I bring up was when we’d been married about 3 years. He was building a sail boat in the back yard. We both remember how difficult, but intriguing, it was for him to try to work to get the proper curve in the boards. Not an easy feat. I helped somewhat, but I don’t think I was the best of help.

He’d already built a wood canoe several years earlier, so he knew a little of what he was doing with the curving of the wood and later the fiber-glassing.

We had a gold, long-haired cat at the time and Sam was always hoping in an out the boards as Jack worked. I would make different kinds of homemade cookies for break time.

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~ Glenda (gj)

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