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Arts Festivals


Tip # 108


Prowl, Look, and Listen  


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We have a passion for going to good arts festivals. The work presented is exceptionally nice–and usually out of our price range–but it’s fun to look.

The ones we go to always have musicians playing instruments (often wood flutes) in the local square with their cd’s for sale. If we like the music, we often buy one or two of the cd’s.  

We mark our calendar for the Tempe Arts Festival which happens every March and December. Artisans from around the world show their work from Friday through early Sunday afternoon. We’ve always had a love for work created by hand, plus it’s relaxing but enjoyable to stroll through all the work to see what’s offered.

It’s not an arts festival, but we also love going to places like Harbor Village in San Diego. Though this is commercial stores, they have much that’s hand-made and unique. I’m usually the one who wanders through the venue of shops. Then, we meet for coffee at the quaint bookstore. Then, I prowl the area some more, and Jack sits in the square where the music is playing or he’ll sit for hours watching the sail boats in the ocean’s inlet. Then, we sit for a few more hours watching the boats and having dinner there. We always joke that we need our “San Diego fix” at least once a year because our bodies become enervated with how relaxed we feel.

This last summer we stayed one night at a place we’d not been to in many years, Breckenridge, Colorado. There we found the same kind of relaxing atmosphere with world-wide artistry on display and again, music playing in the various squares. When we go to Colorado, that will become one of our spots of respite because it’s near where we visit quite a bit.

Our passion is arts festivals or the type of environment leaning towards arts festivals.

Look for your own place that you can enjoy together as a couple and are passionate about for rejuvenation and respite. It will rejuvenate you while there, as well as rejuvenate you jusst talking about it all throughout the year. 

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 ~ Glenda (gj)

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