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Smiling Never Hurt Anyone


Tip # 105


Smile. How Hard Is That?

You get up in the morning and rush to get started with your day. Some people might see each other during the day.

Evening comes and most couples meet somewhere or at home to settle in for the evening.

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Smile when you look at your spouse after a long day. Look as if you are happy to see one another. BE happy to see one another.

We get so used to seeing each other day in and day out that we never think to greet our spouses with a smile. Our faces look glum and never change expression and the languid face says: oh, hi, yeah, it’s you here now, yeah, well, we’ll have dinner in a minute, I’m tired, my day was tiring, I’m going to put comfortable clothes on then walk the dog, don’t bother me with whatever happened during your day, turn the TV down.

Wow, how exciting is that to greet your spouse after a long day? Work on how you greet each other. Your spouse is someone special! Treat the person as such.

 (Do you smile as much as you should–towards your spouse? We’d love to hear your opinion!) 

~ Glenda (gj)

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