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The Colors You Wear


Tip # 104


Oh, My! That’s Your Color  


from Clipart.com

When you know your spouse has a special affinity for a certain color on you, try to wear that color at least some of the time.

The first time I met Jack, he was wearing a sky-blue T-shirt. My eyes immediately riveted to him. I still think that sky-blue color is his perfect color. Every time he wears it (which is often) he points it out to me and it always makes me smile.

A few months after we started dating I wore a dusty-pink, bishop sleeve dress. Jack still talks about that style dress and that color on me. Every time I wear anything resembling the color or style, he points that out.

Those two events were 40 years ago! Colors create vivid impressions with many people. Occasionally, wear that special color for your spouse to reflect on. Nothing wrong with flashbacks of blissful times.  

 (Is there a favorite color? Is it yours or your spouses? We’d love to hear your story! ) 

 ~ Glenda (gj)

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