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Shop at Expensive Stores


Tip # 102 


Well, “Window Shop” When Stores Are Closed

I’ve never been one who likes to window shop. In fact, I usually know what I need, the style I want, and I know right where to find it. But, many people do get enjoyment from going window shopping together. 


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Last summer, however, we had a great time window shopping together. We’d just driven through the 17 mile scenic highway off Highway 1 south of Monterey, California. This 17 mile stretch has to be the most gorgeous scenery in all the world! Pebble Beach golf course is along this route. The ocean’s waves are so majestic I could sit for the rest of my life and stare at the waves and never leave.

When you get to the area of houses, the style of houses definitely matches the scenery. However, I’m completely off the subject, unless you call staring at gorgeous scenery “window shopping.”

After you come through this 17 mile road heading to the south, one of the first towns you come to is Carmel by the Sea.  We weren’t too familiar with it except to notice what a magnificently quaint community it was. Jack suggested we stop and browse the area so we parked the car. As I got out my passenger door, I noticed we were parked directly in front of a Rolex shop. In my pee-sized financial ability, I didn’t even know there were such things as Rolex stores. Fascinating to browse their window though.

That’s when we realized we’d arrived at 6:00 p.m. We weren’t in the midst of tourist season so all the shops were in the midst of closing. We strolled up and down the streets completely admiring most everything we saw in shop windows. It’s definitely an artsy community but beautiful arts—and more than just a little out of our price range for purchasing.

It was fun though to weave in and around the village shops to see things we don’t rarely see. From there we walked down a couple of blocks and sat on the sand to watch the sun set at the ocean’s horizon.

Yes, window shopping is definitely worth the trouble. Try it sometime. Everything can’t be a Carmel by the Sea, but you’ll find many things to enjoy looking at with no temptation to buy anything—the stores are closed.

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 ~ Glenda (gj)


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