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The Art of Persuasian


Tip # 98 


What’s the Opposite of Nagging?

There’s an axiom “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” This means that when people are polite and considerate, they’ll usually be far more persuasive than when they are rude.

However, we’re not necessarily talking about rudeness here—although nagging is rude. 


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Think about how persuasive you’ve ever been when you’ve resorted to nagging and nagging and nagging some more.

Truthfully? I think wives are worse at nagging than the husbands. That’s my own personal opinion based on myself and wives whom I’ve observed in conversational exchange with their husbands. No, they aren’t the only ones who nag, I just think wives rank a little higher on the constant nagging scale.

It’s a hard habit to break because nagging can come so easily. However, next time. . . try the opposite. Praising and complimenting are opposites of nagging. On the average men are far more lead to do something when given praises and compliments.

Think about that the next time you open your mouth to nag. Stop. Think. Look for something to compliment your spouse on. Keep it up and your spouse will more than likely automatically think of the task you are wanting done. Your spouse likes compliments and the person knows when he or she is doing something you want done, you’ll be far more likely to give more compliments. It all goes around in a circle of positive reinforcement. It just works like that.

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~ Glenda (gj)

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