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Balance in a Perfect Marriage


Tip # 96 


Sharing 50/50

Wait a minute. What balance? Marriage is not sharing, caring, and giving 50/50. If that’s how you measure what you do in your marriage, you’ll be keeping a mental score sheet: well, I did this so I deserve such and such. You’ll be headed for marriage problems from the stress of keeping score. No, you do things for each other because it pleases you to please your spouse–not out of duty.        

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Sometimes marriage is a 90/10 or a 30/70 or 55/45 with the scales constantly being weighed up and down. Schedules or what is temporarily going on in life regulates how much marriage partners need from each other. Sometimes one spouse is so overwhelmed with a job, an illness, a goal being worked on that it seems like the other spouse is the only one giving in the relationship.  

Yet, a couple of weeks or months later, the situation reverses. A great marriage doesn’t keep score but commits to each other with whatever it takes.       

Rarely do marriages stay evenly balanced. The scales tip one way; the scales tip back the other way. You give because you love. The scales stay in flux. A great marriage takes work.  

Too bad it takes work, but anything worth having in life takes effort.        

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~ Glenda  (gj)         

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