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Massage Your Spouse's Hands


Tip # 84


It Feels Wonderful  and Creates a Relaxing Experience   


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Try a hand massage. Really! Honestly! Sounds weird, but try it. It’s wonderful stress relief, besides having fun.  

It’s so relaxing. It’s fun to give a relaxing massage on each other’s hands and deliciously stress relieving. It sort of gives a feeling, too, of time standing still with no rush for all the activities in life nor commitments or schedules to keep. Just quiet relaxation.   

Rarely do we take time simply to relax.   

We use our hands constantly but hardly think about doing anything to relax them. If stress is in your hands, it’s going to travel up to your shoulders, neck, and on.  

I’ve never known anything about hand massage but improvised with my own devising. However, I found quite a few demonstrations on the Internet of actually how to massage someone’s hands. I quickly perused them, but one that seemed to show most easily the steps in relaxing someone’s hands through massage is at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPQbffBjWz8&feature=related .   

We all need to relax more. Think about it, try it. It’s the cheapest relaxing massage you’ll ever get.   

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~ Glenda  (gj)

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