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Jack likes certain things which I can’t stand. I stood my ground for many years then realized how horrible I was being. I didn’t have to be so stubborn and pig-headed. I decided a few months ago to relent.  

Jack loves country music; I hate 99.99 percent of it. He thinks it’s fun, plus I know he gets a huge thrill out of listening to (and singing along with) a lot of country music. By watching him (and “listening” to him) you can see he gets so much joy from it. We’re not talking about modern country music which I think is completely different. He likes what I call the old-twangy stuff from countless decades ago–back when all the country singers wore fringe on everything including their belts and white boots and sequins on more places than I can name.       

from Clipart.comWhat gave me the idea was that I found a scrap of paper with his handwriting on it for an infomercial for country music. I looked it up on the Internet, and sure enough it was for more cd’s than would fill all of The Grand Ole Opery. I thought what better surprise could I give him–and show what a good wife I am by even buying them. It was from Time Life, which I will never buy from again, because by the time I was through paying for all the add-on’s they kept adding on (and I dumbly kept saying “fine I’ll take that, too”) it seemed like my bill would have made a nice down payment on another house.  

The huge box of country cd’s arrived. He plays them. He enjoys them. He sings and claps along with them.   

I’ll admit, a few of them really do sort of captivate me and energize me with the rhythm–just a few. I guess you could call some of the plain fun.  

I’m glad I bought them. However, if he accidentally leaves them in his pick-up truck and they melt in our desert heat, I’m not promising that I’ll replace them.  

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~ Glenda  (gj)

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