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Tip # 79


Create New Behaviors  

Some people feel their parents are the greatest examples of a happily married couple and want their marriage equally as happy.

Other people may have witnessed many things in their parent’s marriage that did not seem to be loving, affectionate, or kind. You do not have to feel doomed to make those same mistakes from bad marriage examples–no matter how ingrained the examples were.

Successful marriage is hard; marriage is work. Every single marriage that lasts and is a happy marriage took work to make it that way. There’s not a single marriage that stays happy because everything falls blissfully into place.

If you can, discuss things in your marriage that need to change. Make of list of problem areas and start working on those things ONE thing at a time. Don’t start a new area for a couple of months. It will be hard, unbelievably hard if you have a lot that needs to be changed. 

Look at it like the people who are on the TV show The Biggest Loser. Looking at those people in the before shots, you think they could never change. Losing drastic weight like that would be the same as changing a bad marriage to become a good marriage. It can be done, but it’s going to be hard. It will take diligence. It will take either marriage counseling or reading a lot of marriage boks and materials to help get you on the right track.

But, before things get that bad, start from the first few years to be aware that marriage takes a lot of focus and responsibility. The joy a good marriage brings is the best reward.

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~ Glenda  (gj)

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