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Vacation Memories


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Going Back to See the Relatives? This Is Your ONLY Vacation?  


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It’s a tough world we live in because most people don’t live close to their relatives. With limited time, resources, finances, scheduling abilities, it’s easy to want to simply go see relatives for your vacation each year.

However, with most everyone now having free long-distance service on land line phones, inexpensive minutes on cells phones (and often free cell to cell minutes), email, family blogs, media like Skype, and web cams, it’s not like the old covered wagon days where once you leave home, you’ll never see your relatives again. It’s easy to stay in touch all the time–even visually. 

If most of your vacations consist of staying with relatives, then once in a while go out of your comfort zone and venture out with new experiences. The easy thing is to live in a bubble and do the same thing day after day. 

There’s a bonding time on vacations when it’s just the two of you (or you and your kids) that isn’t there when you’re always going back to the same place with the same relatives.   

We do have a disadvantage with my husband’s relatives because none of them visit us—they don’t like Interstate driving, and we’re 1000 miles almost straight on the Interstate from them. They also don’t fly. So, when we see them we have to go there. What makes it nice though is that all his relatives live within a few mile radius of each other so we get to see everyone on the same trip. We’re thankful for that. 

However, with living so far away we could easily use every vacation time repeating the same experiences year after year. 

Vacations don’t have to be expensive. Look for close places where you can make a lot of day trips if you can’t afford to stay away for a while. If you don’t just abhor the idea, camping in a tent is a lot of fun—but not everyone likes that sort of thing. There are many venues where people trade houses for vacations–often the people don’t even know each other for the house trade. Of course, there are caveats with that, but it’s worth checking into. 

Once in a while be creative with your vacations. Making the same trek to relatives is not a marriage builder or one which creates new memories.  

(What are your vacations like? Leave a comment and tell us.)   

~ Glenda  (gj)

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