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Be a Kid Again


Tip # 73


You Can’t Get Me!   

from Clipart.com

Try kids’ games some weekend–maybe even the whole weekend.  Playing jacks and a ball–see how good you still are.  Shooting marbles?  Maybe you never did that but it might be fun to try now. Hula hooping. Now that’s a fun activity and terrific exercise.

For some real fun, buy some of those monstrous sized water guns. You might not be agile enough for a slip and slide but water/squirt guns can easily be done–outside.

Prowl the toy aisle for fun ideas to see if there are other games you’d like to attempt again. Invite a bunch of adults over to make it more fun. Be sure and tell them it’s a kids’ party for adults.

Remember limbo? Can you still limbo? How low can you go?

(When was the last time you played any kids games–without your kids?)


~ Glenda   (gj)

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