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Hobbies or Activities You Don’t Like


Tip # 72 


Please Go With Me 

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We don’t always have to be together. In fact, it’s good for couples to do things without each other sometimes. Yet, invariably there are times when your spouse really wants you to go but you just don’t like the activity. It could be bowling, fishing, garage-sale hopping, jeeping, geocaching, or hundreds of other activities.

Don’t feel compelled to go every time, but part of the time, go with your spouse. If you can’t be interested in the activity at all, then have alternate activities to do. You can always read or look at magazines while your spouse is participating in an activity—but don’t look board. If you hate bowling, watch one of the TV’s there. Suck it up and try to show interest part of the time.  

On the other hand, make notice of how many things you do to enjoy and grow as a couple. Maybe you don’t do anything. Maybe eating at restaurants or errands together is the only thing you do. Those are hardly things to chalk up to growing your marriage relationship. Errands and eating have to be done.

Do you honestly appreciate each other’s company? Would you choose your spouse to be with for an activity over anyone else?

I hope so. We all have to be careful that marriage doesn’t simply become two people living together year after year.


(Where do you dislike going with your spouse? Leave a comment.)

~ Glenda  (gj)

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