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Full Moons for Free Fun


Tip # 70


Anticipate Full Moon Phases    


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We’ve taken summer vacations every year since we’ve been married. During those first few years we always went to the Colorado mountains and usually stayed in a tent. That first vacation it happened to be a full moon which made our mountain stay so enticing because everything was bright and clear even at night.

The next year we went to different mountain locations and coincidentally, it was a full moon again.

With having full moons two years in a row, we started planning our vacations around full moons. A few years later, we began  backpacking in Colorado (carrying everything with you with just a compass reading up the mountain). With nothing human around, the full moon light helped immensely for us to find our way and often didn’t need our flashlights.

We’ve always loved being in nature and used to prefer tents over a hotel—of course, that was when we were younger.

Whether at the ocean or in the mountains, the ebullience at night from a full moon reflecting on all of nature can’t be compared to anything else. It’s free fun everyone can enjoy. 

We now live in the middle of the desert in a town which values the beauty of night skies so much that the entire town has very few street lamps–people don’t want their views inhibited of the night skies. So, we really get to relish full moons even when we’re at home.

During the next full moon, step outside as far away as possible of city lights and absorb how beautiful things look. It’s a simple, free offering of nature that does make life more fun—and something to look forward to every single month of the year. 

~ Glenda   (gj)

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