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Celebration Time


Tip # 65 

Special Celebration Items on Sale 

Today is the Independence Day for the United States or more commonly known as 4th of July. Each country will have its own date to celebrate, but for here, there are many sparkly, glittery, festive items for sale. Not only is it a celebration of independence, but it’s usually a fun, fun holdiay for everyone.

Take time to check your local stores, especially the after-holiday sales, for gift bags, bows, streamers, cake/cupcake decorations, paper plates and cups, and other decorative things that you can use to create your own personal celebrations. 

Anything can be made into a celebration: a promotion, a particular anniversary of the first time you went out, the house is clean, the sun is coming up tomorrow, a cool-front is expected in the weather in a couple of months–you create the celebration! Just make it into a fun activity!

~ Glenda   (gj)

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