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Show Some Pride


Tip # 63


Pride In Your Marriage Partner 

We all need accolades. We all need to feel good about what we are doing. How often do you receive compliments? If you know how a compliment makes you feel (even though it can be embarrassing sometimes to receive compliments), you must learn to give compliments to your marriage spouse.

Your marriage partner needs respect and a way to do this is to give compliments. If you’re not a person who compliments others easily, you need to learn.

Also, if you are a Melancholy Personality, take into consideration that it’s hard for you to give compliments even when someone deserves it. You want perfection so desperately in all things, that it’s hard to compliment because you see things as maybe not quite perfect yet.

Or, it might be perfect, but you hate to compliment because you feel your spouse will slack off if you compliment. Everyone knows that you are such a perfectionist on so many things that receiving a compliment from you will be especially rewarding. Really look for any way you can to compliment your spouse.

These traits are especially important to know if you are married to a Melancholy. You may have to joke and coerce a compliment out of your spouse to gently teach the person to start complimenting more.

Loosen up. Lighten up. Everything’s not perfect, but usually people are doing their best—so praise your spouse a little–or a lot. It’s a small thing that helps to have a great marriage!

~ Glenda   (gj)

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