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Tip # 56

Be Silly and Flirt

Each Personality is different so what works best for one Personality does not always work for others. We hadn’t been married too long when I read the book The Total Woman  by Marabel Morgan originally published in 1973 and again published in 1990.  Parts of the book had a wealth of fun ideas for being flirtatious (with your spouse!) in marriage.

Many years later I had a friend very different than myself who told me that she abhorred this book and knew many couples who almost divorced because of this book. By this time though I had become a Personality Trainer and knew exactly why she and some others would hate this book. The book was written with a different personality in mind than my friend had.

I’m half Sanguine Personality (and so is my husband) and The Total Woman is perfect for Sanguine Personalities. My friend who despised everything in the book was Melancholy Personality.  She felt the book implied she wasn’t a good wife if she couldn’t be as flamboyant or effervescent in her marriage as the suggestions given.

Being silly and flirtatious (with your spouse) adds a lot of fun within a marriage.  How you decide to be flirtatious and silly will all depend on what type Personality you have. Don’t ever feel you have to do something to be a good spouse because someone else says “this is absolutely what you must do.”  There are no absolutes in a marriage except for respect, love, gentleness, sharing, and kindness. Everything else are suggested ways for you to decide how best for you and your spouse to show each other love–and have fun.       

~ Glenda (gj)   www.WhatWordsDoYouWear.com     and   www.glendaschoonmaker.com

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