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Tip # 55 

 Sleep Around 

I’d like to know when, where, and who said couples should always sleep in the same bed. Before you throw rotten eggs at your screen because you can’t actually reach me (and I hope I remember to hide my email address after this post), think about the word ‘sleep’ for a minute.

How did you sleep before you got married? Pretty good? How well do you sleep now?

Why is it that every single night you are supposed to share, crowd, flop, listen to snoring, get jabbed with a knee, feel the bed shake from someone else rolling over, yet have a blissful night’s sleep at the same time?


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Remember those old black and white re-runs on TV of sitcoms from the 1950’s? ALL the married couples slept in separate beds, albeit twin beds. I would never suggest husband and wives sleeping in twin beds, but do you ever get separate queen size beds when you stay in hotels? Ah, room to spread out—no getting yelled at for pushing your mate to the edge and no recrimination for using all the covers. You don’t have to hug the edge of the bed to feel you have your little share of the mattress.

I think marriage would be better if we could choose to sleep together instead of being forced to sleep together. Have you ever slept with someone who has a cold or allergies and coughed all night? One time I had a terrible cold and Jack said I sneezed in the middle of the night while I was asleep—but I was facing him! I did apologize and felt terrible about it but how can you be responsible for what happens when you are asleep?  

If you should actually try sleeping in separate bedrooms, don’t feel your marriage is over or on the downhill slide. It may improve the quality of your marriage because you’ll both get more sleep and midnight encounters are more purposeful.


~ Glenda   www.WhatWordsDoYouWear.com     and   www.glendaschoonmaker.com


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