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Dance the Night Away


Tip # 53


In Your Garage 


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If your partner to dance but doesn’t feel capable or you don’t feel capable, buy instructional dance tapes. Usually the men fall into the category of “Oh, I can’t dance and you can’t make me!”

In our marriage Jack would dance every night, and I’m the one who has directionally challenged feet and rigor mortis body. Plus, I’m horribly intimidated to dance in front of others. I used to love acting  (which was good since I also majored in drama) and I can give speeches to thousands—-but ask me to dance, and I’m like a block of cheese moving around a dance floor.

I bought instructional dvd’s of country line dancing, ball room dancing, clogging, hip hop, Zumba, (no break dancing) and much more way over my feet.

We work out/practice/train/attempt the dance instructions in the safety/absolute privacy of our garage so there’s plenty of room and no one can see the instructions playing on the screen or our meager efforts. The cat sometimes watches with questioning eyes, but as long as he doesn’t critique, we’ll let him watch.

Am I ready for a public performance? Not on your life! But, we have fun.


~ Glenda (gj)   www.WhatWordsDoYouWear.com     and   www.glendaschoonmaker.com

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