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It’s Been a Long Time  

If you look at the years on a calendar or the ages of our kids, you know it’s been a long time. It doesn’t seem that way. To use a cliché, it seems like yesterday. 

By the time of our 4th date when we were juniors in college, I told my roommate that Jack was whom I would marry some day. However, when he did ask me to marry him three and a half weeks after our first date (honestly), I was speechless. Rarely am I speechless. I kept saying, “I don’t know. I don’t know,” and continued saying that for about 30 minutes. 

Of course, in my mind I wanted to marry him, but I kept thinking how does anyone know what they want for life 5 years down the road, 10 years, 20 years and more. I never questioned my feelings about him, just the idea of how do you make such a life-long commitment of a decision. 

I did say yes and we got married a year later on June 20, 1970. That’s nearly half a century ago, but it seems like less than a dozen (years, not centuries).

Something I realized is that you treat each day with respect for what it brings. Respect for each other in a marriage brings honesty, resilience, fun, and a growing love for one another.  

~ Glenda  (gj)   www.WhatWordsDoYouWear.com     and   www.glendaschoonmaker.com 


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