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Give Gift Certificates of Time


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Something a Fairy Godmother Would Do


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Because our lives are so busy with obligations that have to be done, that we rarely give ourselves permission to do things we want to do without feeling guilty. So, it’s like something a fairy godmother would do. I “created” time for my husband to do whatever he wanted. Any spouse could do it for the other one.    

 Several years ago I gave my husband a stack of gift certificates I’d made on the computer. They had varying amounts of time on them. Some of them were for 30 minutes; some were for 1 hour; some were for 3 hours; some said “an entire day.” They were meant to be used so that when he gave me one, I would not bug him, nag him, or pester him to do anything for that amount of time. Plus he didn’t have to feel guilty that he wasn’t doing something that he should be doing instead. Total freedom.    

Don’t worry. There’s no dictator in our marriage. They were just meant for fun. However, I really meant for Jack to use them, but he’s never used any of them in all these years. That could mean one of two things: he loves the time spent doing my honey-do lists so he never needs time to himself or it might mean that he’s saving them up to give to me in one lump pile–they’d probably total several months.    

Surely you don’t think that’s why he hasn’t used any yet, do you?    

~ Glenda   www.WhatWordsDoYouWear.com     and   www.glendaschoonmaker.com

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