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Hiding Gifts


Tip # 37


I Know It’s Around Here Somewhere


from Clipart.com

For a “just because” gift when there’s no special occasion, hide a gift away from your house—at a park, along a trail, at a scenic route that you drive to. Naturally, it needs to be hidden a place where you are going to be within a short while.

Hide it under rocks, behind a bush, but somewhere it won’t be seen easily.

Of course, there are a lot of caveats with this. It can’t be left there too long or someone else may find it. Don’t hide anything too expensive unless you have someone staged as a look-out to keep an eye on the gift. And, don’t hide it in such a nondescript place that all you can remember is that it’s out in the field somewhere.

When you’re out with your marriage partner, it’s such a treat to be walking or jogging or strolling and bend down to tie a shoe. Hmmm, you pick at some rocks or leaves, and pick up a gift with your spouse’s name on it. How magical!


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