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Late Breaking News


Tip # 34

Be Sneaky–It’s Fun


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If your spouse has an everyday routine of reading the late breaking news in the newspaper first thing every morning, then do something really sneaky. Buy some tickets for something you’ve both wanted to go to. If there’s nothing that comes to mind or you can’t afford the tickets, then make a hand crafted invitation for something of your own design that would be fun for the two of you.

Get the paper before your spouse has a chance to (you might have to get up a little earlier than normal) and open it carefully to a section you know is always read. Either place the invitation/tickets there, or tape them in an envelope to the paper (so that the tape doesn’t tear the reading part) or stick the tickets in the paper with removable tape or glue. Put the paper back together as if no “human hands” have touched it, and put it where your marriage partner always looks for it.

Just be careful that this is not the one day in five years that your spouse doesn’t read the paper or throws it away without opening that section. And don’t leave it where the neighbor’s dog might get it.


~ Glenda  (gj)     www.WhatWordsDoYouWear.com     and   www.glendaschoonmaker.com

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