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Date Night – Fun Night


Tip # 31 

Set Aside One Night Each Week  

I don’t know how the tradition took hold, but from the first year we were married, we’ve always had one night per week that we do everything we can to reserve that night for “fun night.” Each week. Every week. Every week of the year. Year after year. 

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Yes, there have been times that other things came up and we didn’t get “our night,” but the percentage of not keeping our reserved night is very low. The several months that we had the most trouble keeping our date night was the year we completely tiled our whole house with ceramic tile, but we often still took time out from those every night and weekends of tiling to have date night. 

Our traditions weren’t elaborate; we just made whatever we did that evening special with the focus on each other. It might be renting a movie or going to the movies. We might play cards, chess, Blokus, Pente, or some other twosome game. We might go for a walk.

We used to ride our bicycles to the ice cream shop (we rationalized all the effort worked off the calories from the ice cream). Sometimes we had picnics at the park. Sometimes we had people over for a meal and games. 

After our two kids were born, we continued the tradition but involved the two kids. They always looked forward to it, and it was a way to make sure each week we focused exclusively on having fun with our family or just each other. Both kids are married now, but we still continue the one night a week tradition. 

Since I’m usually the recreational planner of activities, my husband will often ask, “What are we doing this week?” It gives us both something to look forward to. 

~ Glenda (gj)   www.WhatWordsDoYouWear.com     and   www.glendaschoonmaker.com

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