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Plan Ahead for Weekends


Tip # 25

Weekends Don’t Have to Be for Chores 

Weekends come every week. Don’t let that surprise you! Make plans for fun stuff on weekends ahead of time. 

Saturdays too often are filled doing all the chores for which there’s not enough time during the week. Everyone says their schedules are way too hectic during the week for anything else. Guess what? In our world today, almost everyone has a much too hectic schedule. So, if your schedule can’t change, then you need to change to make your schedule better. 

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Make note of all the chores you must get done on weekends. Then, as often as you can, (preferably a couple of times per month) push yourselves to do those tasks during the week. It will mean sacrificing during week days–maybe lunch hours or 30-45 minutes of sleep each night, but in this case, the end justifies the means. 

To have some free weekends that you can schedule relaxation or fun activities will make all that extra effort worth it.

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